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Trumpet Boogie

Trumpet Boogie

Reinhard and Silvan Zingg



Jazz and Swing in Boogie Woogie. Reinhard Zingg (trumpet, doublebass, bluesharp, banjo, drums) Silvan Zingg (concert grand piano).

1. Trumpet Boogie (S.Zingg)
2. Royal Garden Blues
3. Date Blues (S.Zingg)
4. Stoppin' The Boogie (S.Zingg)
5. Ice Cream
6. The Fives
7. Sweet Georgia Brown
8. Blues In The Air
9. Stracciatella Boogie (S.Zingg)
10. Dinah
11. Jumpin' At The Woodside
12. St. Louis Blues
13. Struttin' With Some Barbeque
14. Lazy River
15. Blueberry Hill
16. Bill Baley
17. St. James Infirmary
18. Careless Love

Total time: 52 min.

trumpet boogie
royal garden blues
date blues
stoppin' the boogie
ice cream
the fives
sweet georgia brown