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Boogie Woogie Triology

Silvan Zingg Trio - CD Triology

Silvan Zingg (grand piano), Nuno Alexandre (bass) and Valerio Felice (drums)

Jumpin The 88's (S.Zingg)
Eleventh Street Boogie (S.Zing
Groove It (S.Zingg)
Mister Freddie's Blues (S.Zing
St.Louis Blues (W.C.Handy)
Boogieology (S.Zingg)
Full Steam Ahead (S.Zingg)
Maple Leaf Rag (S.Joplin)
Mystery Shuffle (S.Zingg)
Honky Tonk Train Blues (M.L.Le
Sentimental Journey (Green/Bro
Root Beer Rag (B.Joel)
Boogie Woogie Girl (S.Zingg)
Java (A.Toussaint)
Date Blues (S.Zingg)
Ciribiribin Boogie (A.Pestaloz

The Silvan Zingg Trio presents his awarded CD "Boogie Woogie Triology".
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Boogie Woogie Trilogy author: Lou Chartrand What an wonderful CD Silvan Zingg is truly and artist. I think he is beyond the bar. I sure hope he has more "Boogie" forthcoming. Great left hand. author: Scott London Excellent CD. Kept me bouncing in my seat and tapping my toe the whole time. author: Nair Bailey Best Boogie Woogie I've heard in a long time. Had me boppin' for the whole CD. It's hard to sit still when listening to this record. Well worth the price! author: Dorothy A.Young What a great example of the younger generation of boogie woogie pianists! I love his style and will be ordering more of his work. Silvan is a master of boogie woogie and his trio has a conplete , trrific sound. In addition he has created some new unique tunes in the same genre but without the repition found in some piano boogie woogie. Highly recommended! author: Bob Holmstrom Silvan Zingg is terrific -- the best thing to happen to Boogie Woogie since Freddie Slack! Let's hear more author: Ron Haffling I was born and raised on Chicago's south side and I'm old so I've heard and own a lot of blues and jazz. This CD rates up with my all time favorite music. I can't stop playing it. author: Rodger L. Smith The CD is great, the best piano playing I have heard in a very long time. I plan on ordering more of this in the very near future. author: Dave This is the greatest boogie woogie album ever. My father was a boogie woogie player and passed away recently. Listening to Silvan and closing my eyes, my Dad is at the 88s again. Buy directly: