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Charity concert in the USA

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On the 21st May 2019, Silvan Zingg set out on a special trip to the United States. Via Chicago he travelled Oklahoma, where he gave a charity concert at the Blackwell High School in Blackwell, OK.

Arrived in Blackwell, he found very bad conditions: The city along the Chikaskia River was struggling with a massive flood which reached historical levels. Streets were flooded and people had to be rescued from their homes. “It was terrible and shocking to see that. My thoughts are with the people who have to deal with this catastrophe and its impacts”, says Silvan Zingg.

But no matter how difficult and hopeless a situation seems to be, he strongly believes that his music can help in even the worst situations and bring people together. And fortunately on the day of the concert, the sun was shining and the weather and traffic were improving.

So he held to his plan to play a benefit concert at the Blackwell Highschool in Blackwell. The concert was promoted by several newspaper articles and radio interviews at KLOR and KPNC FM radio stations at the Poncan Theatre Silvan did during his stay in Ponca City.

It was a charity solo concert which supports the Blackwell middle and high school music program and took place on Friday, 24th May in the Blackwell Highschool Auditorium. What a party!

“It was such a blast to perform together with principal Shawn Haskins as guest on the drums at the awesome Blackwell High School Auditorium. The best is that it is for a great cause – to help Blackwell’s kids and their music program. I love to play for kids, they are our future”, says Silvan Zingg after a great concert with an outstanding audience.

During his stay in Oklahoma, Silvan also had the chance to do some sightseeing around Ponca City and to visit some nice places in Blackwell like the Top Of Oklahoma Society Museum or the Train Park which was impressing.

Special thanks go to Susan Jones who organized the concert at the school, promoted it via radio interviews and newspaper articles, cared for the ticket sale and for Silvan’s well-being during his stay in Oklahoma.

In October 2019 Silvan Zingg will be back in the United States. He has the great pleasure to be part of the 7th San Francisco International Boogie Woogie Festival in the SF Jazz Center on 20th October 2019 and to perform some private and house concerts. For bookings please contact Silvan.