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Silvan Zingg in Indianola Mississippi, to say good bye to B.B. King''

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The concert with the Blues King in 2011 at the Montreux Jazz Festival was an important milestone in Silvan Zingg's career. Silvan : « Since I performed with B.B. King, at every concert I give, I’m sharing with the audience this experience and how inspired by him I am. When I heard he passed away in May 2015, I was extreemly saddened and I knew I would love to say personally goodbye to him. On Friday May 29th 2015, a day before his funeral function in Indianola, Mississippi, I took a last minute plane and travelled 24 hours to the town. From Milano-London-Chicago-Memphis-Indianola. There, I got the chance to meet BB’s family and friends, and to be kindly hosted by the Mayor, Mr. Rosenthal and his wife. I was thrilled to give a live interview on Mississippi Public Broadcast television, and to jam with Shirley King (Youtube video with Silvan Zingg), one of BB’s daughters, as well as with many other american Blues legends, that attended the funeral. I had an amazingg weekend full of big emotions. As the only musician from Europe that was part of the funeral in Indianola, I felt like a « Blues ambassador from Europe ». What a great honor ! »
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